Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind

Edward Callaway, Co-director
Yishi Jin, Co-director
Ralph Greenspan, Associate Director
Gabriel Silva, Associate Director

History and Mission:
The Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind (KIBM) at the UC San Diego and the Salk Institute was launched in 2004. KIBM is a virtual environment unhampered by disciplinary boundaries, providing scientists with opportunities for effective interdisciplinary integration of research and knowledge. KIBM will transcend traditional disciplinary barriers to foster new discourse among top scientists, accelerating discoveries about the connections between mechanism and behavior.

KIBM’s mission is to support research that furthers our understanding of the origins, evolution and mechanisms of human cognition, from the brain’s physical and biochemical machinery to the experiences and behaviors called the mind. KIBM will leverage UC San Diego’s and The Salk Institute’s preeminence in such fields as neuroscience, biology, cognitive science, psychology and medicine, along with the extensive resources of the broader La Jolla scientific community, to extend its position as the pacesetter in brain-mind research and education, and as a vibrant hub for dissemination of its discoveries to advance science and benefit humankind.

Programming at KIBM includes the extremely popular Innovative Research Grants which provide awards for innovative research, especially research focused on ideas that bridge brain and mind organization levels, with the goal of stimulating testing hypotheses for which no standard funding stream is available.  KIBM also hosts an annual symposium that focuses on emerging disciplines with featured speakers from outside UCSD and Salk, and supports YKavli – a group that hosts networking, career development, and research events targeting early career researchers.

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