Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft

Chirlmin Joo, Director
Laurens (Kobus) Kuipers, Director
Chantal Brokerhof, Managing Director

History and Mission:
The Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft (KIND) was initiated in 2004 and at the time, was the only Kavli Institute established outside the US.

The Institute aims to be a quality-driven, intellectually stimulating institute with a broad scope of research in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The emphasis in our research, which ranges from single-molecule biophysics to quantum information processing of nanoscale devices, is on novel concepts and fundamental breakthroughs. The Institute has state-of-the-art general facilities, most notably for nanofabrication in the Kavli Nanolab Delft. Each year, 3 to 4 Kavli Colloquia are organized for which we invite high level speakers who provide a broadly accessible colloquium and who typically interact with many members of the Institute during a multiple-day visit. Starting in 2017, we created the Kavli Chair, a prestigious visiting professor program that brings a world-leading nanoscientist to Delft for a few months, as well as Kavli Postdoctoral Fellowships, designed to attract the best postdocs working across the quantum-bio boundaries. 

Our quality-driven science institute covers the most exciting research lines within nanoscience: Quantum computation, Quantum technologies, Molecular electronics, Single-molecule biophysics, and Synthetic and cell biology. It is organized in two departments:
Bionanoscience, focusing on the fundamental understanding of biological processes, and Quantum Nanoscience, which seeks to advance the understanding of physical processes at the nanoscale, with a focus on research for fundamental scientific and technological breakthroughs.

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