Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute

Dwight Bergles, Director
Michael Miller, Co-director
Natasha Hussain, Scientific Director

History and Mission:
The Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute (Kavli NDI) at Johns Hopkins University was launched on October 1, 2015 as part of The Kavli Foundation’s commitment to the US Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative. The mission of Kavli NDI is to advance neuroscience discovery by uniting neuroscience, engineering and computational data science to understand the structure and function of the brain.

The goal of Kavli NDI is to unite the scientific enterprise at Johns Hopkins University to study the brain and to establish the global standard for integrative neuroscience research. Kavli NDI combines multiple scales of analyses across traditionally distinct research disciplines, be that the study of single molecules in a neuron, or the emergent patterns of cortical columnar dynamics, to address the most challenging questions in neuroscience. 

The Kavli NDI is a dynamic, multidisciplinary institute comprised of neuroscientists, engineers, and data scientists. Together, our vision is to interrogate the inner workings of the brain across broad spatial and temporal scales in order to understand how neurobiology ultimately reflects the essence of who we are. 

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