Chantal Brokerhof

Managing Director

Started my international career in 1998 in the media and publishing industry (e.g. Elsevier and Wolters Kluwer) and NYSE Euronext in various management positions. Then took the challenge to move to TU Delft in 2014 as Program Manager Open Science. Author of the TU Delft Open Access Policy approved by the Executive Board, Chair of the Program Board Open Science Program and manager of Open Research and Open Access Projects. After the implementation started a new position as Manager of the TU Delft International Office and responsible for the admission of international students, on boarding of international staff, (excellent) scholarships, Erasmus+ Program and involved with TU Delft international strategy and policy. Started in 2018 as Department Manager of the Department of Bionanoscience. Early this year expanded my position with the position of Managing Director of the Kavli Institute Nanoscience Delft developing outreach activities and organise public engagement.