Gunnar K. Nilsen

President of BizArch Advisors

Gunnar K. Nilsen is President of BizArch Advisors, a consulting firm providing advice in the areas of business strategy and financing.
Mr. Nilsen is an experienced investment professional with a diverse international background from finance, engineering and entrepreneurship. He began his career in 1997 at Asea Brown Boveri in Oslo, Norway, where he held positions in design engineering and project management related to oil & gas process control systems. In 1998, he moved to California and began working for Kavlico Corporation in sensor design engineering and later business development.
In 1994, Mr. Nilsen moved back to Norway and started working in the corporate finance division of Alfred Berg, the leading Nordic investment bank at the time. During his tenure at Alfred Berg, he carried out a number of successful corporate finance transactions and became a partner of the firm. While in Norway, Mr. Nilsen co-founded Presens, an electronic sensor company. He was an active member of the board of directors from the company’s inception in 1996 until the successful sale to General Electric in 2012.