Lindsey Cole

Program Director

Lindsey Cole joined Rockefeller University in 2013 and has been in her current role as Program Director of Academic Committees and Initiatives in the Office of the President since 2015. Ms. Cole performs administrative oversight for a number of executive-level and scientific committees including Academic Council, Faculty Senate, Committee on Scientific Affairs of the Board of Trustees, Head of Laboratory Forums, Tenure-Track Head of Laboratory Meetings, and the Mid-Career Faculty Search Committee. Ms. Cole also plays a key role in faculty recruitment activities and directs faculty appointment and promotion processes. She manages an exchange program with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and serves as a liaison for matters related to the Tri-Institutional Research Program. In 2016, Ms. Cole was also appointed administrator of the Kavli Neural Systems Institute at Rockefeller University where she provides support to the institute’s faculty leadership, manages the institute’s budget, and plays a key role in managing the fellowship and small grants programs.